Ana Luisa Silva, professional photographer whose work includes different areas like photojournalism, fashion or publicity.
In 2002, graduated in Sound and Image at the Artistic High School Soares dos Reis, complemented with a degree in Social Communication at Escola Superior de Educação de Coimbra (2002-2006).
In 2004, presented the exhibition “A Simbiose da Morte” (The Symbiosis of Death) in “Maus Hábitos”, a well known space dedicated to culture in Oporto.
She started her carreer as a freelance photographer, collaborating with many magazines, such as Happy Woman, Umbigo, Edit, Rebel Beauty, among others. While also developing several works in fashion and advertising for brands like Emirates, SLBenfica, Nike, Adidas, Multiopticas, J Reinaldo, Katty Xiomara, Sabya, Minty Square among numerous others.
Currently owns a studio in Porto and focus mostly on fashion and publicity.
We hope you enjoy and appreciate all our work in wich we placed all our attention and dedication.
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